Why use a thermal imaging camera for an electrical inspection?

The use of a thermal imaging camera for electrical inspections is an effective way to investigate an electrical installation for heat spots. Viewing a source of overheating allows electrical testing experts to review and investigate the electrical equipment and installation before an electrical failure. Using a thermal imaging camera for electrical inspections is a non-disruptive method of identifying any potential causes for concern, some of which would otherwise go undetected.

Thermal imaging can be carried out without the need for costly shutdowns and is a fantastic addition to our Electrical Installation Condition Report.

What will an electrical thermal imaging temperature range reveal?

  • Overloaded circuit problems
  • Abnormal surface temperatures, such as the outside of an electrical enclosure
  • Faults in the electrical distribution of service transformers
  • Additional heat in local appliance panels
  • Heat generated by loose electrical connections
  • Issues with electrical junction boxes
  • Potential failures of electrical components
  • Problems with busbar systems

When can an electrical thermal imaging survey take place?

The qualified thermal imaging electrical contractors at TES Compliance can visit your commercial building and complete a thermal imaging survey whilst your manufacturing equipment or production line is still working. We understand the importance of minimising any disruption whilst we complete the survey. In order to complete an effective thermal imaging survey, electrical equipment and machinery must be running an electrical load at normal power for an effective survey to be carried out. Removing the electrical load will not allow any heat to generate from potential faults stopping a reliable assessment.

Looking for a leading electrical thermal imaging specialist?

Safe thermal imaging and scanning of all electrical equipment must only be completed by a qualified professional working to the correct procedure.

The TES Compliance team are certified electrical professionals with proven experience in full thermal surveys and image scanning of all electrical systems and electrical equipment within West Sussex and internationally.