Fire Alarms
& Extinguishers

Fire Alarms in Crawley West Sussex

The TES Compliance team are qualified to both install and maintain your fire alarm system and fire extinguishers at your business, alongside providing periodic inspection and test of all fire alarm and fire extinguisher equipment, keeping your building and its occupants safe from any fire risk.

We can install and service fire alarms in the Sussex area and beyond. No matter the size of your building, we can advise what fire alarm is best for your needs and also maintain and service it in accordance with BS5839-1. Our team are also available to install fire alarms nationally if needed.

We can also commission fire extinguishers at your business and provide a detailed fire extinguisher maintenance service that will ensure you are always complying with your fire health and safety requirements.

Does my office need a fire alarm?

Current UK fire alarm regulations state that all businesses premises should be equipped with appropriate fire detection systems. It is imperative that in the event of a fire being detected, all occupants can be warned appropriately to enable them to make their way to safety.

An EICR report or an electrical inspection condition report is a crucial and in-depth assessment into identifying any deterioration or comprising condition of the equipment that has the potential is result in danger.

What is the legal requirement for fire alarm testing?

Having fire alarm equipment installed and tested regularly is vital in always keeping business premises and residential properties safe and secure. There are strict guidelines in place to protect buildings and occupants and these are all available through your qualified and accredited fire safety provider – a fire alarm must be inspected and services by a qualified fire safety provider every 6 months. A competent staff member should also be designated to carry out weekly fire drills to ensure that all the appropriate systems are fully functional.

We provide fire alarm testing to your business premises every 6 months to ensure that your fire alarm is safe and working perfectly, ensuring that you and your staff/visitors are always safe.

How often should fire alarms be tested in the workplace?

The law states that fire alarm inspection should be carried out weekly with six-monthly inspections to be completed each year. Fixed wire testing your fire alarm equipment is crucial to ensure the system is fully operational and that all occupants are familiar with how the alarm sounds in the event of an emergency.

The TES team can provide full advice on what alarm system you need and when your testing must take place, taking away the worry of if your fire alarm is compliant with UK Fire Law. 

Is a fire log book a legal requirement?

Although there are no legal requirements currently to keep a fire log book maintained, it is highly recommended to do so to keep important details relating to your fire alarm inspection up to date and accessible. Information is then easily available for fire extinguisher servicing, electrical installation and fire drills. This is also useful information to share with your fire safety provider should you be required to discuss past events that may be of significance.

How often do fire extinguishers need servicing?

There are several processes to follow to ensure correct fire extinguisher servicing is adhered to. A visual inspection should be carried out once a month by a business owner. A basic service should be managed by a qualified fire extinguisher technician. An extended service is recommended every 5 years, with Co2 extinguishers requiring every 10 years. An extended service also enables a thorough inspection into internal systems, to identify signs of discharge or corrosion and to offer repressuring if required.

Is it a legal requirement to service fire extinguishers?

There is no single law stating that business premises or property owner must install fire extinguisher. However, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 requires a person responsible for a property or a business with 5+ people must have a fire risk assessment completed by a ‘suitably qualified person.

The fire risk assessment is a document that identifies potential hazards in and around the premises, it can also suggest preventive measures to ensure safety is always adhered to. If a fire extinguisher is damaged, showing signs of discharge or otherwise unable to be used correctly and safely, then it should be replaced immediately.