Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate & Reports

For landlords needing an electical Safety installtion condition report (EICR) and certificate,
What's involved:

Landlords are required to have an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) within every 5 year. 

If you’re a home owner, you too can easily get an Electrical Installation Condition Report, ready for selling your home.

The qualified TES Compliance team will visit your premises with professional equipment to check the electrical compliance of the below electrical installations:

  • Checking of protective devices for functionality
  • Light fittings in every room
  • Light switches in all rooms
  • Plug sockets throughout the home
  • Inspection of fuse boards
  • Condition check of installation polarity
  • Bathroom extractor fans

What is an electrical installation condition report?

Electrical inspection and testing is required to fully issue a completed electrical installation condition report. Working with TES Compliance will give both yourself and your tenants peace of mind to feel secure with the electrical safety within the building. All electrical equipment and current installation will be checked by the qualified electrical team including electrical cables, light switches, and wall sockets. Included in the electrical installation condition report will be a log of all completed work to bring the electrical installation to the correct standard, or identification of areas needing improvement due to non-compliance to IET Wiring Regs, that may be a cause for concern due to the presence of high temperatures indicated an electrical fault.

How often should a domestic electrical installation be tested?

All private landlords are legally responsible for the electrical safety of their tenants in the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. An electrical installation condition report, (previously known as the periodic inspection report) is required to reduce the possibility of accidental harm or death from an electrical fire. Electrical testing regulations recommended by the Electrical Safety Council advise that electrical installation reports should be completed at least every 10 years.

Why do you need an electrical safety check when buying a house?

EICR is otherwise known as the periodic electrical inspection and testing of a completed electrical installation to check on an existing condition for continued safe use. Once completed you will be issued an electrical condition report which is required for all house sales.

Why choose TES for your domestic electrical inspection.

With the many dangers posed by electrical faults and fires working with qualified electrical inspection professionals is a must. The TES Compliance team is competent and qualified. As members of the Electrical Contractors Association, and CHAS accredited, you can rest assured your home’s electricals have been certified safe.