Battery Storage

Battery storage is not only a fantastic idea for anyone with a solar PV system, but it will also benefit those without it. By utilizing the cheaper electricity rates that many providers offer at night you can charge your batteries so that the power can be used at a time when energy rates are much higher.

Benefits of Battery Storage

Save money on the cost of electricity bills
Manage your home’s electricity with your Domestic Battery
Charge the battery when rates are at their lowest or by solar panels
Use the power as and when you need it throughout the day

Without any Battery Storage
you could typically end up
not utilizing around


of the power that your
solar panels produce

Be more efficient environmentally and financially by investing in your home

Homeowners in England can benefit from paying 0% VAT on energy saving equipment such as solar PV systems. This doesn’t include battery systems currently that are installed separately, however if they are installed as part of a full Battery / PV system the entire installation is subject to 0% VAT This government backed scheme will expire on the 1st April 2027 and the zero VAT rate will revert back.

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