Emergency Lighting Inspections

What is emergency lighting?

An emergency lighting system is designed to provide temporary lighting in an emergency situation in which the mains power may fail and normal illumination fails to function. This could be the result of a fire, flood or simply a regular power cut resulting in sudden darkness which could prompt panic by the building occupiers.

Emergency lighting is installed to illuminate automatically when the mains power is lost, the emergency lighting system should be designed to provide adequate lighting levels and must remain illuminated long enough to allow all occupants to safely evacuate the premises.

In the UK emergency lighting systems are designed, installed and tested to BS5266-1:2011

Categories of Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency Escape Lighting - This system is intended to provide suitable lighting to allow occupiers to safely leave the site. In addition, emergency escape lighting can provide suitable illumination to allow occupiers to terminate potentially dangerous processes prior to leaving the building

Standby Lighting - This type of system is designed to allow normal activities to continue substantially unchanged. 

Escape Route Lighting - This system is intended to provide suitable lighting to allow occupiers to safely leave the site.

Open Area Lighting - This additional lighting is designed to overt any panic in area's not illuminated by escape lighting.

High Risk Task Area - Designed to fully illuminate an area used in potentially dangerous processes and to enable suitable shutdown procedures to be actioned.

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